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A few questions you may have...

You should book this call because you can use my expertise (20+ years) to figure out what’s keeping your business from growing.

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My name is Andrea.
I’ve been working with websites since the early 90s, first as a webmaster and later as an eCommerce owner.
I’ve been helping online businesses to grow since 2013.

Today I specialize in helping online businesses (mostly SaaS or content-driven sites) in tacking their numbers and making sense of them, with the ultimate goal to increase revenue and profitability.

I worked with companies valued up to $500M.
A few of my clients are on the Inc. 5000 list.

Absolutely not.
As the name suggests, the “Opportunity Assessment Call” is a call where I’ll help you to identify the opportunities for immediate growth available to your business.

The call is 100% free and it comes with no strings attached.

Upon scheduling a time for the call on my calendar, you’ll get a confirmation email with a Zoom link.

On the call, we’ll get to know each other and we’ll talk about what’s happening in your business right now.

To get a clear understanding of your whole business, I’ll guide you through a set of questions I developed (it took 3 years to refine this list of questions).

We’ll talk about the challenges you’re facing, how your website’s doing in terms of numbers of traffic and sales, and how you get and follow up with leads.

We’ll also review how you’re currently using customer data.

The call is 30 minutes long.
I may be able to spend more time with you if I don’t have another call booked right after yours.

Yes, I have done this many times and I have a process to guide you through during the call.
You’ll be surprised by the clarity you’ll gain with this short exercise!

You’ll gain clarity on:

  • which metrics and activities you are currently overlooking;
  • which activities may represent your biggest opportunities for growth;
  • which activities you could do better to accelerate your growth;
  • how your numbers stack up in the competitive landscape.

After the call, I’ll send you a memo summarizing the opportunities we discovered.
In the memo, I’ll give you specific instructions on how to work on each of these opportunities.

If your needs align with the services I offer, I’ll also send you a proposal to take all those activities off your plate and help you grow your business.

I have extensive experience with the following types of online businesses:

  • Content-driven SaaS businesses, especially B2B.
  • Content-driven websites selling digital products (guides, courses, subscriptions).
  • Content-driven websites selling physical products.


NOTE: “Content-driven” means that there is usually a blog associated with the business and organic search is the main source of traffic.

I do have experience with eCommerce businesses but I prefer focusing my attention on the types of businesses mentioned above.

Due to the high demand for this call and the particular nature of data-driven work, I can only help businesses that meet the following two criteria:

  • have a traffic of at least 15,000 unique visitors per month;
  • have already sold at least 100 units of a product/service.


If your business does not meet these two requirements, please do not book the call because there is not much I can help you with (you’ll need to work on getting more traffic and validating the need for your product).

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