Managed Analytics & Insights

(a done-for-you service)

Actionable data-driven insights to improve conversion rate, delivered to your team every two weeks.

Put an end to frustrations such as complex and time-consuming analytics reporting, delayed data, thresholding issues, and the difficulty of fetching data.
Make your company data-driven, while saving your business time and resources.

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Tired of wrestling with Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 can be overwhelmingly complex, especially for the average marketer.

Beyond its complexity, it’s burdened with serious limitations that hinder your ability to extract valuable insights from your company’s data.

Every day your team spends struggling to navigate GA4 is a day of missed opportunities for your company’s growth.

Each passing quarter without resolving these challenges can be a significant roadblock to your company’s progress.

Ultimately, even if GA4’s complexities are to blame, it’s your company that bears the consequences.

Don’t let the growth and success of your business be hindered any longer.

We get it, and we have your back.

We know firsthand how tricky it can be to navigate the world of analytics.
It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

We’ve seen all our clients go through this frustration when Google forced everyone to abandon Universal Analytics.

But since we’ve been working with analytics since 2010, our clients trusted us to find a solution to this problem…

We took control of the situation and we came up with a solution that turned out to be an even bigger return on investment for our clients!

Molly Owens Founder & CEO -

Although our traffic went down, our revenue went up thanks to the optimization efforts!

Indrek Kuldkepp Founder & CEO -

Not only they helped me fix problems I wanted to fix, they also found issues I didn't know I had!

    The Solution

    Outsource the tracking, the data analysis, and the generation of insights (and recommended fixes).

    The essence of the Managed Analytics & Insights service is to take the burden of complex tracking, data management, and analysis off your shoulders and to deliver valuable, actionable insights.

    By subscribing to the Managed Analytics & Insights service, you’ll put an end to frustrations such as complex reporting, delayed data, thresholding issues, and the difficulty of fetching data, saving businesses time and resources.

    We’ll do the heavy lifting for you and deliver to your team actionable data-driven insights, every two weeks… so that you’ll know what to work on next, without having to look at your data, ever again!

    Click the button above to book a free 30-minute call to learn more about this service and to establish if we’re a good fit for your company.

    Data-driven Insights as a done-for-you service.

    The Managed Analytics & Insights service transforms data from a potential headache into a powerful asset, enabling your business to make informed decisions, boost efficiency, and achieve its growth objectives.

    A few desirable consequences of this service are:

    • Clarity: with the data-driven insights we will deliver you every two weeks, you’ll finally understand the behavior of your prospect customer and you’ll be able to see all the bottlenecks in your business.
    • Optimized actions: thanks to the continuous steam of insights, you’ll be able to allocate resources to a few selected activities that are most likely to grow your business.
    • Accelerated change: our bi-weekly calls we’ll help you to come up with data-backed ideas that will keep you ahead of the competition and help you adapt to changing market conditions.
    • Streamlined decision-making: the insights we’ll deliver will simplify complex decisions by offering clear, data-driven recommendations and strategies.
    • Focus and accountability: our bi-weekly calls will keep you and your team accountable for implementing changes that will drive your business to grow.

    No risk.

    We’ll handle your tracking and we’ll explore and analyze your data, discovering insights that we’ll then prioritize and present to you in an actionable form.

    It’s a done-for-you service.

    It will reduce to zero the likelihood that analytics will still be a problem in the next quarter.

    No more time wasted.

    Invest 30 minutes on a call with us.
    If we are a good fit, we’ll then handle the rest.
    We promise you that your team doesn’t have to waste more time on data collection and analytics.

    An effortless choice.

    No effort is required on your part.
    We’ll set up and babysit your tracking, and adjust it when necessary.
    We’ll crunch the numbers for you and we’ll deliver you actionable insights every two weeks.

    Who's this service for?

    This service is NOT for every company.

    Since data is a byproduct of traffic, we cannot work with companies that have very little traffic.

    Also, your mindset about data and data-driven improvement plays a big part in the success of our eventual business relationship.

    To help you determine if you are ready to outsource your analytics and free your team from the burden of generating data-driven insights, here you find two descriptions…

    This service is NOT for you if...

    This service is for you if...

    If you feel like your company can benefit from outsourcing its analytics and the generation of insights, schedule your free call and let’s meet on Zoom!

    Click the button above to book a free 30-minute call to learn more about this service and to establish if we’re a good fit for your company.

    A simple roadmap...

    Going from struggling with tracking, handling, and interpreting data to having at your disposal a consistent stream of data-driven actionable insights to work with… is easy!

    Here are the 3 simple steps to make it happen:

    1. Schedule a call.

    First, book a call, and let’s talk about your needs and what you want to achieve. determine if we are a good fit for each other.

    During the call, we’ll get to know each other, you’ll learn more about the details of this service, and we’ll determine if we are a good fit.

    Click the button above to book a free 30-minute call to learn more about this service and to establish if we’re a good fit for your company.

    2. Leave tracking & analysis to us.

    Hands-Off Tracking: your team can focus on core business activities while we maintain up-to-date tracking and perform data analysis.

    Time Efficiency: by entrusting us with tracking and analysis, you’ll reclaim valuable time to enhance your business processes.

    Deeper Insights: our proven process uncovers profound insights into the behavior of your prospective customers, providing you with a competitive edge.

    3. Let's review the insights together.

    Focused Action: receive a bi-weekly list of actionable insights to eliminate business bottlenecks, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters.

    Strategy Discussions: engage in brainstorming sessions during our bi-weekly calls to explore marketing and sales strategies and techniques.

    Team Alignment: regular calls maintain team alignment and accountability, ensuring everyone stays on track and on schedule.

    Schedule a free call now.

    Ready to unlock the power of data-driven growth for your business?

    Don’t let complex analytics hold you back any longer.
    Take the first step toward success – schedule your call with us today.

    Click the button above to book a free 30-minute call to learn more about this service and to establish if we’re a good fit for your company.

    Got questions?

    Here are some of the most common questions we get asked during the Zoom call…

    In this scope of this service, we will:

    • Install the tracking for your website (pages, funnels, …) and we’ll keep it up-to-date to make sure it tracks all your traffic and ongoing marketing campaigns.
    • Determine with you the most important metrics to report on and set up a KPI reporting spreadsheet for you. We’ll collect all the relevant metrics weekly, so we can keep the finger on the pulse of your business and spot trends.
    • Analyze how visitors move through your pages and how they interact with them. Based on this analysis we’ll compile hypotheses and insights for you.
    • Evaluate the impact of each insight on your growth and prioritize them for you.
    • For the insights at the top of the list, we’ll suggest the fixes you should make to nudge the behavior of the users in the direction you want.
    • The insights and related suggestions will be presented to you on bi-weekly calls.

    The service is billed on a retainer, every 4 weeks.
    As you can see, the involvement of your team is minimal.

    All online businesses with sustained traffic and sales can benefit from this service.

    Our approach works particularly well for content-backed websites, where people move from a blog (or any other kind of landing page) to products and checkouts.

    When rendering the service, we’ll provide you with a list of the most important fixes you need to make to the site or business model in order to generate more customers.

    This ensures your team is always working on the few activities that are more likely to produce the highest return.

    Shortly, following this approach will produce visible growth.

    To track and analyze your data we use a software called Funnelytics.

    Funnelytics is a premium analytics tool that can track all sorts of events generated by the interaction of users with your pages.

    We are Funnelytics Certified Partner and we are proud to say that we are the most advanced Funnelytics user in the world.

    Don’t take our word for it, you can verify that by asking Funnelytics CEO directly.

    We deliver insights every 2 weeks.
    You’ll get the first insights 2 weeks after we set up the agreement for the service.

    Obviously, insights alone are not going to move the needle.
    Your team needs to act on the insights we provide and perform the recommended fixes.

    We recommend running this service for a minimum of 12 weeks in order to see the first results.

    Absolutely yes.
    All the information you share with us is confidential and it will be treated as such.

    We do not store any of your data on our servers.

    Our service completely frees your team from having to :

    • implement the tracking and keep it up-to-date;
    • retrieve data from the analytics platform;
    • analyze data and formulate hypotheses;
    • translate hypotheses into insights;
    • prioritize insights;
    • figure out ways to leverage the insight to change user behavior.

    Your team is expected to participate in the bi-weekly calls (typically 1 hour) and to implement the fixes we recommend during the calls.

    Our response time for any question is 24 hours (on work days).
    So, whatever question you have we’ll get back to you with an answer real soon.

    That said, we recommend you collect your questions and we address them on the bi-weekly calls.

    Also, you will be given access to the Funnelytics account, so your team can access and explore all the data we collect.

    We recommend you book your free call now, so you can ask us everything you want and you can get answers specific to the unique situation of your business… 

    Click the button above to book a free 30-minute call to learn more about this service and to establish if we’re a good fit for your company.

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